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Flamboyant Nigerian self-acclaimed Gucci Ambassador, Ray Hushpuppi who is known for his extravagant life was in the ‘F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Yas Marina’ and via his Instagram page appreciates fans who came up to him and showed him love.

They say when other people like you, it’s a bonus, you liking yourself is the real prize but I must say, sometimes when I go out of my zones and amazing people walk up to me saying they know me from IG or Snapchat and show me mad love, ask to take pictures, offer a drink or something andall that is very priceless, I want to thank you all also that show me mad and real love out here on social media and support me and what I stand for nomatter how people try to pull me down, y’all keep me going strong and I want to say I loveyou all no matter whereyou from or who you are. God bless you guys #TeamHush#GucciFamily#BillionaireGucciMaster

Trust Huspuppi, he is known for flaunting his riches, checkout them out below:

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